Helpie FAQ


  • Does SmartCharger work with 220 volts?
    Yes, Of course! You can connect your SmartCharger to a 220 volts plug with no issues at all.
  • Is the SmartCharger compatible with any smart phone?
    Yes, our app is compatible with all kind of mobile devices (Iphone, Samsung, LG, Motorolla, Google Pixel, HUAWEI, among others)
  • Are the videos recorded with the camera secure?
    Yes, all the videos record with SmartCharger™ are 100% encrypted! We do not have access to our customers' data. Nobody can track or see your data but you or the people you give access to your SmartCharger™ app.
  • Does it have audio?
    Yes, SmartCharger™ records audio and HD videos.
  • Is there a monthy fee for the Wi-Fi encrypted access?
    No, All SmartCharger™ features are 100% FREE.
  • How long can I record without a memory card?
    You can record as much as you want as long as the App is active.
  • What kind of SD card SmartCharger™ uses?
    Any Micro SD card is compatible with SmartCharger™
  • What happens when the Storage of my SmartCharger™ Micro SD is full?

    When the storage is full, SmartCharger™ will loop the memory. This means that It will be delating any previous recordings in chronological order from your oldest recordings to the most recent ones!

    However, you can download all the content to your phone or computer and leave the SmartCharger™ memory empty for new recording.

    You can stream SmartCharger™ in two different ways:

    1) Connecting your SmartCharger™ to its Wi-Fi network in the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile device.

    2) Connecting your SmartCharger™ to your own network using our App! You can then stream whenever you are connected to the same network as your SmartCharger™ camera.

  • Up to how many devices can I connect to my SmartCharger?
    You can have up to 4 different devices connected to our app and monitoring what's going on in the desired area!  This way, your partner, business associate, roommates, and friends can have access to the SmartCharger™ LiveStream.
  • Why would I need more that 1 SmartCharger™?
    Although SmartCharger™ has an HD 75 degree angle feature for recordings, we recommend getting more that one device if you are looking to monitor several areas in your home, office, or business at the same time! Eg: You can have 1 SmartCharger™ in the Master Bedroom, 1 in the Kitchen, 1 in the living room, and 1 in your office. This way you can have eyes everywhere!
  • Can I use it in places that DO NOT have Wi-Fi?

    Yes, with SmartCharger™ Wi-Fi network, you can stream live videos in places that don't have Wi-Fi connection.

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